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Remodeling happens for many reasons from natural disasters like Hurricane Ian to blessings like a growing extended family. Whatever the reason, it’s no easy task. While you often hear about how stressful home remodeling is, it doesn’t have to be that way. You may wonder, “how can I make my home remodel easier?” Here are ten easy-to-follow tips to make your home remodel seem like a vacation.

1. Staycation at a Nearby Hotel

You can eliminate a lot of the stress by removing yourself from the situation. For instance, with large home remodels, there’s usually a lot going on that can disrupt the flow of daily life. Don’t hesitate to pack up and enjoy a hotel during some of the louder or messier parts of the project.

2. Make Backup Plans

If you’d prefer to stay in your home, make sure you have backup plans so the renovations don’t disrupt your daily flow too much. Most importantly, you should have a plan for if the vital areas of your home become unusable.

3. Treat Yourself to Fine Dining

Is today the day you have new cabinets installed in your kitchen? Then, this is the perfect opportunity to splurge on your favorite restaurants. Above all, you want to keep your and your family’s spirits high. Nothing does that better than an incredible dinner at a five-star restaurant!

4. Ask Yourself Some Questions

This article by Bob Vila will help you determine whether you’re equipped to weather a remodel on-site or if you should move out during construction. Deciding this ahead of time can certainly improve your quality of life. In addition, it can make the remodel a lot simpler for everyone.

5. Take a Day Trip

Even if you can handle the renovation, there could be days when it all feels like too much. Don’t stay in a stressful environment; head to the beach, go shopping, or get out in nature. Do whatever you need to come back refreshed.

6. Book a Spa Day

Do you typically enjoy a day relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, but there’s too much noise during the renovation? Book yourself an appointment at the spa. It will help you get out of the home and destress.

7. Plan Mental Health Strategies

Large home renovations mean you’re in for the long haul. It’s essential that you get creative and do something that makes you feel good! For example, you can try things like:

● Planning distracting indulgences

● Scheduling regular outings with friends and family

● Improvising on the spot

In short, you’ll want a lot of strategies ready, especially when your go-to ones don’t seem to be working.

8. Find Normalcy

If you have to move electronics, furniture, or other items around in your home to gain access to them, do that. The less you disrupt your routine, the happier you’ll be overall!

9. Rearrange Specific Areas

Block off sections of your home for certain things. Use barriers and alternate routes to help re-imagine where you’ll be working, playing, and relaxing.

10. Book a Vacation

When all else fails, there’s always taking an actual vacation. Getting away from it all and trusting your contractors could be what you need during a longer renovation.

Making Your Home Remodel Easier

Homeowners undergoing extensive renovations don’t need to stop enjoying life! If you’re still asking yourself, “How can I make my home remodel easier?” you can partner with Gulfstream Homes! We’re the home renovation professionals that can make your renovation or remodel a breeze. Contact us today to get started!