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You may know Marco Island for its incredible beaches, unrivaled sunsets and beach town feel; however, there’s more than meets the eye with this treasured Southwest Florida city. Among the sprawling coastlines, shop-lined streets and iconic Jolley Bridge lies a rich history spanning the ages. If you thought that Marco Island was just a tourist destination, think again. As more and more families, part-time residents and retirees seek to put down roots in this idyllic island in paradise, Marco Island continues to grow. But let’s not forget all the history that made the Island what it is today. So, get to know this island oasis with five fun facts about Marco Island.

1. Dominated by the Calusa Tribe

The Marco Island that we know and love today is a far cry from what it used to be, and how it began. The Calusa tribe reigned over the land thousands of years ago, known for their ferocity and ability to survive in the island’s harsh climate. With plenty of food from the land and the sea, the tribe did well in the area, and continued to thrive for years.

2. Largest of the Ten Thousand Islands

Located just off the coast of Southwest Florida lies a chain of islands, known as the Ten Thousand Islands, which are pretty much uninhabited, except for one. Marco Island, the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands is the only populated part of this wonder of nature. You can visit the others on various boat tours, where you’re able to see the abundant plant life and other native creatures that call these islands home.

3. Best Shelling in the Area

Marco Island is known for a lot of things, and shelling is one of them! With so many ties to its rustic past, the Island is a hot spot for tourists and visitors alike who want to get their hands on some one-of-a-kind shells. By far the best place to shell on Marco Island is Tigertail Beach, where you’ll find spectacular shells like:

  • Atlantic Calico Scallop

  • Sunray Venus

  • Atlantic Fig Snail

  • Lettered Olive

If you want to carry a piece of the Island with you, even when you’re not there, pencil some shelling into your schedule.

4. Many Opportunities to Learn

The Island also caters to those thirsty for knowledge with a wide array of museums and landmarks, open to the public. Take a trip over to the Marco Island Historical Museum to learn more about the Island’s rich history, or enjoy a family outing to the various nature preserves found on and around the Island to view the local wildlife.

5. Home of the Cape Romano Domes

You may have noticed the spaceship-like domes dotting the Island’s coast, and you’d be mistaken if you thought they were placed there by aliens. No, these domes served as a vacation destination for a prominent oilman many years ago, and the beach has since eroded away from disuse. If you want a fun day out on the seas, take a trip by the famous Cape Romano domes.

As you can see, Marco Island is teeming with adventure and history. Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve lived here all your life, there’s always something to learn about the Island. So, get out and explore and when you’re ready to build or buy your perfect Marco Island home, let Gulfstream Homes help. Call (239) 259-8070 or visit to get started.

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