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When you think of a home in Southwest Florida, you might envision a high-rise condo on the beach, a gated community with manicured landscaping and luxurious clubhouse, or a quaint cottage in a coastal neighborhood. However, there is another option when it comes to Southwest Florida homes: a house situated on a sprawling piece of land with no neighbors in sight.

Areas like Golden Gate Estates, Pine Ridge Estates, Livingston Woods, Logan Woods, and others are the hidden gems of our area for those looking for a little elbow room. Gulfstream Homes has built numerous breathtaking homes in all of these areas and is here to share some pointers when considering these areas for your new home. Today we will focus on Golden Gate Estates. 

What Are the Benefits of Building a Home on Acreage?  

A lot of work goes into building a custom home and we want to ensure you get everything you want. Below are the main benefits to building a custom home on acreage in Golden Gate Estates area of Naples.   

Location Flexibility  

Purchasing land and building a custom home unlocks the possibility of living where you want in the home that you want. With a custom build, you can choose your lot size and location. You can decide how far away you want to be from neighbors. You can have easy access to in-town amenities while still having space to spread out when you choose communities like Golden Gate Estates in Naples. When you’re making decisions about your future home, there’s no reason to compromise — find all you’re looking for with a custom home build.  

The Golden Gate Estates area is growing rapidly. Homeowners are attracted not only to the affordable, oversized lots but also the top rated public schools and new retail and restaurant developments currently being built in the area. 


Designing your home on a large lot will allow you to have privacy and space from neighbors. Gulfstream Homes can help you strategically position your custom home on your lot to maximize privacy. 


When you work with a professional to design a custom home, you have control over every aspect. You can personalize every detail to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Do you want a large master suite with a walk-in closet? Maybe you’d like a hidden room that adds a little magic to your home. You can begin to realize all your dreams for your floor plan by discussing them with your contractor.   


Having extra land means down the road you can expand your homes footprint. Without having the restrictions of an HOA or other established community guidelines and rules you can add a guesthouse, pool, garage and other outbuildings. Having the flexibility to accommodate long term lifestyle plans means you can choose to become a car collector, buy a boat or build an in-law suite down the road without having to move or rent storage space. 

Warranty and Maintenance   

Your custom home will have many warranties that protect you from costly defects and repairs. And because most, if not all, of your appliances will be brand-new, you’ll have very little maintenance for the first few years.    

Living in the Lap of Luxury With a Custom Home from Gulfstream Homes   

Empowered with the knowledge of the potential benefits you stand to gain with a custom home, what’s next? For those wanting to live on spacious land like that found in Golden Gate Estates, turn to Gulfstream Homes. Our experts have chosen this idyllic community to build custom estate lot homes like the one you’ve been dreaming of. Call us today to talk to our experts and get started.