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Hi Steve,

Today the final electric upgrade work is being accomplished, and Rene came out to review the final concrete work (sidewalk, aprons and RV slab) which should start next Wednesday (or sooner, we hope).  The final inspection will soon follow, and a successful final C/O by Collier County and the project will be complete.

It has been an amazing process for Marilyn and I; starting with you in the initial  design phase last October, the actual build with Justin beginning Feb 10th, and now the final days prior to completion.  We are excited to start using the garage and can do so once the final concrete pour is complete and the floor finished with epoxy.  We have great hopes that within the next 10 days all the hard work will pay off for everyone.

We have made some good friends with the many workers involved in the project, and they all can feel free to stop by and see us anytime.  Each one is certainly welcome to visit, to see us, and see the final product of their individual efforts in the build.  We are certainly the talk of the local neighborhood, and its all good!

The prominent sign in front stating “ARCS/Gulfstream Homes” leaves no doubt about the Contractor involved in making this project of our imagination a reality.

The one individual who has single-handed brought the myriad of pieces together in creating our paper design has been Justin Osnes.  His ability to coordinate, orchestrate, and time the many pieces of this build process has been amazing beyond belief to both Marilyn and I.  The build never got bogged down throughout the process, and progressed steadily throughout the last 4 months. We think it important that you and Mike know beyond doubt what a valued asset you have in Justin, and his ability to represent your company, overall philosophy and final product.  We could have wished for no one better to work with during the actual build. His management style regarding the subcontractors is without fault.  He treats them with the respect they deserve, and knows how to get the best from their efforts without the use of ‘hammer force’.  We appreciate that aspect of his personality more than anything, since we both have been involved in personal business and managing people for all our adult working lives.  In the long run, that management style and interpersonal work relationship philosophy is the only attribute that contributes to personal and professional success.

It was that style that sold Marilyn and I on using ARCS/Gulfstream Homes in the very beginning, a style of relationship that began from our day 1 meeting with you here at the house.  Justin just continued to exemplify your example throughout the build process, and without fail.  Even though a few minor hiccups were encountered along the way, you and Justin never wavered from taking the high road.  That is why we can, without reservation, recommend you and your Company to anyone interested in a quality contractor doing quality work.

We believe you are fortunate to have Justin working for you, and representing ARCS/Gulfstream Homes as he naturally does.  We also thank you for assigning him our build project, for we can imagine no one else caring about us, our design, and ultimate finished product as he has. I’ve asked him about his care and concern for what we want, and doing the project as if it was for himself.  He admits that is how he does all of his projects, and after 4 months of directly working with him, I truly believe his statement to be true.  So a heartfelt ‘thanks’ goes out to Justin for managing the down-and-dirty construction details in order to create what we believe to be our personal Taj Mahal!

Obviously, this whole build has been a group effort.  Steve, your non-pressure salesmanship and eye for design helped mold the final drawings, and what you envisioned through our design wishes has materialized in such an architecturally pleasing reality that it brings great satisfaction to us.  You have been patient with our changes, and effected all quickly and efficiently.

Jeneane has always been prompt and forthcoming with any issues we had, was able to stay on top of all the permitting requirements, and hundreds of other details unknown to us that kept the ball rolling.  I will never forget her response to Marilyn’s initial email to Gulfstream Homes inquiring about a possible garage build.  Her response was within an hour, and it happened to be 10:30 at night on a weekend.

So, with all the efforts by everyone involved, we can claim ‘great success’ regarding this build and a heartfelt thanks goes out to each from Marilyn and I. We just thought you should know.  Please feel free to use any or all of this letter as a future recommendation.


Tim and Marilyn Campbell

680 13th St. SW