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As we strive for a more minimalist approach in our homes, clutter simply won’t do. Too much stuff and no place to put it makes a home look and feel stressful, and if you’re looking to declutter your home, it pays to do so while you’re designing it. So, how do you do that exactly? Knowing that you have a place for everything helps you keep it organized so that your home continues to work properly and efficiently, and one of the best ways to kick clutter to the curb is to never have it in the first place! Here are our top tips for organizing your home…before you even move in.

A Dedicated Pantry

One of the most active rooms in the home is the kitchen, and it’s no surprise that between all of the appliances, utensils, plates, cups, etc that pile into your drawers and cabinets, this space tends to get cluttered fast. One of the best tips for the kitchen is to have a dedicated pantry space, designed with organization in mind. Pull-out drawers, rotating racks, shelving and more help you find a place for all of your food items, leaving room in your drawers and cabinets for your cooking items. This way, nothing gets lost, because there’s a place for everything expertly laid-out in this busy room. Plan ahead here and talk with your builder about adding in a dedicated pantry space, so that you’re able to stay organized, especially during those busy weeknights trying to get dinner on the table or entertaining friends who are in town.

An Organized Master Closet

Another area of the home that tends to become cluttered quickly is the master closet, and it doesn’t matter how big or small this space is, it always seems like it ends up containing more and more items. When planning out your custom home, work with your builder to find ways to help organize this space. Would a walk-in option work for you or would you rather keep it small and maintainable with shelves, drawers and ample lighting? Weigh your options and find a solution that will work for you to stay organized, so that on those hectic days trying to get ready for the day, you’ll find everything you’re looking for with ease.

A Functional Living Area

You may be surprised to find that the living area can become quite cluttered if it doesn’t have ample storage included. We recommend built-in shelving and media centers to house all of your books, DVDs and any other items that you typically have in this room, so they’re not thrown about haphazardly. In addition to ways that you can build these storage solutions into this space, keep your furniture in mind. Try including pieces that open up and conceal items, like ottomans with storage, to help find places for things like board games and CDs for a less messy look in this room.

Other Helpful Storage Solutions

Any room in the home can benefit from organizational features, and when it comes to maximizing your home’s functionality, try the following:

  • Storage shelves in the laundry/mud room.

  • Plenty of room for a china hutch in the dining room.

  • Fold-out beds, or Murphy beds, in guest rooms.

When you’re designing your custom home, keep clutter at bay before you even move in with these helpful organizational features, designed to simplify your life.

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