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It’s often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the laundry room may be a close second. You may not even realize how much time you spend in the laundry room. With all of the time you spend sorting, folding and organizing, why not have a space that’s comfortable and stylish to do all of these important things in? Gone are the days of bland and boring laundry rooms. This room is about to get an upgrade. Here are our top five tips to spruce up your laundry room.

Lighting Upgrades

Set a relaxed mood in the laundry room with your lighting choice. Track lighting or a fun light fixture can make for a calming mood, while you’re trying to get all of the folding done before having to start dinner. Don’t be afraid to add a little style to the room. It may not be the biggest space in the home, but make it easy on the eyes with some unique lighting.

Built-In Storage Solutions

Staying organized in all areas of the home can be a struggle. Built-in storage can be a helpful solution when it comes to all that goes through the laundry room. Take up less space with built-in storage, as opposed to a piece of furniture to organize all of your laundry room staples, such as:

  • Laundry supplies

  • Cleaning items

  • Towels

  • Folded items

  • Hangers & other organizational items

By building your storage into the wall or above the washer and dryer, you’re able to maximize space efficiently, especially if you don’t have a lot of room.

Create a Folding Station

Eliminate the need to haul the laundry to the bedroom or living room to fold it by incorporating a folding station right in your laundry room. Have a place to fold these items, without taking up valuable space somewhere else. Include an ironing board and iron or steaming station for clothes that need a little extra attention. If you’re dealing with a tight space, consider being able to collapse your folding station back into the wall.

Add a Utility Sink

It may be an overlooked item in many laundry rooms, but utility sinks are a huge help when it comes to spot-cleaning or washing delicate items. Not having to run to the kitchen sink to do this can save time and having a dedicated space for this is key. There are also many options for utility sinks to add a bit of style to the space as well. Pick a unique color or style of sink to get creative with this useful addition to your laundry room.

Brighten Up the Space

Your laundry room deserves to have some style too! Add a fun printed throw rug or if you’re really renovating, install a unique tile design on the floor. Brighten up the walls with a vibrant paint color and really personalize the space with wall art, plants and other fun decorations. Don’t be afraid to embrace your creative side.

Your New Laundry Room

With these tips and tricks, your laundry room will be a breath of fresh air in no time! Stay organized with storage solutions and folding stations, and express your creativity with décor and lighting options. Make this a space where you want to be, no matter how many loads of laundry are on your plate today.

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