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Marco Island has its own unique feel, there’s no doubt about that, and when it comes to designing your home, paying attention to current trends is always highly advised. There are many trends that have come and gone over the years, but when it comes to Marco Island living, certain designs have stood the test of time. In order to enjoy island living to the fullest, you want a home that emanates relaxing vibes, with a bright, airy ambiance that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the country. Perhaps that’s why more seasonal and full-time residents are flocking to the Island year after year. If you’re looking to design your island oasis, here are some of the top Marco Island interior design trends to pay attention to right now.

Keep It Coastal

Homes on Marco are accentuated by the feel of balmy breezes drifting effortlessly throughout the home, which is why many homes are outfitted with many windows to let the light shine brightly inside. Open spaces are key in Marco Island homes, as well as light and bright color palettes throughout, decorated with pops of vibrant color. Coastal design also makes good use of natural elements to add more depth and interest to the space. Consider adding the following coastal pieces into your home:

  • Plant life
  • Seaside accents (shells, coral, etc)
  • Bamboo window treatments
  • Linen draperies
  • Sea glass décor

Coastal homes on Marco exhibit beachy, yet refined vibes, making them the perfect blend of coastal and contemporary paradise.

Go Bold with Patterns

Although many modern homes on the Island continue to stick to neutral tones throughout the major areas of the home, bold patterns are being seen more often to add more interest into the space. Everything from patterned wallpaper to accent rugs, artwork to backsplashes can be found accentuating Marco Island homes, giving them a beachy and eclectic feel.

Incorporate Rounded Furniture & Fixtures

Furniture is straying away from the boxy feel it showcased a few years ago, instead being replaced by more rounded pieces. Sofas, bathroom vanities, reading chairs, desks and many more elements are getting a makeover to appeal to what homeowners are desiring in their spaces.

Showcase a Hotel-Like Atmosphere

We’re already living in one of the most stunning places in the country, so why not design your home like you’re on vacation every day? More Marco Island residents are incorporating hotel-like trends in their home, including spa bathrooms, white linens and décor and a more minimalistic ideology to transform them into a true vacation space.

Marco Island Design

There’s no denying that Marco Island has a certain flair about it that you won’t find elsewhere. When you choose to take up residence here, you won’t be able to resist making your home into a tropical oasis in paradise. From indoor/outdoor spaces to clean, crisp design choices, your Marco Island home will be radiating with cozy, coastal vibes before you know it. It’s important to make your home work for you, and while many of these trends are highly adopted by islanders, it’s important to make the right choice for you. Keep in mind that by choosing a more timeless route with the overall design and leaving the trendy elements to aspects that can be easily changed is always highly recommended, so that you can enjoy your island home to the fullest for years.


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