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Tranquil and serene, the master bath is a space for relaxation. As more homeowners are recognizing the importance of having a master bath that they want to spend time in, designers are finding new and amazing ways to make this area of the home both sophisticated and blissful. We’ve entered a new year and we’re excited to talk about the newest home design trends that you can expect to find in many more homes, with a major focus on the master bath. Here are our top master bath trends for 2019.

Open Concepts

Homeowners and designers are ditching the walls and doors in the master suite for a more open appeal. Sliding barn doors and privacy glass are replacing the old standard door/wall combination to create a more seamless transition from master bath to master suite. Showering and getting ready for the day are now more out in the open of the master suite, making this area of the home a more impactful space to spend time in at all points of the day.

Bold Color Palettes

Black bathrooms are making a statement this year, creating an indulgent look in the home. Black walls, fixtures and flooring accents can be expected to make their way into more homes this year. Although neutral tones aren’t going anywhere, many Southwest Florida homeowners are keeping these strictly to the walls and opting to decorate the rest of the room with more bold accents. Statement walls are also something to keep an eye out for in the master bath and the powder bath as well. Statement walls stand out with bold artwork or wallpaper designs. Homeowners are making a bold statement in their master baths this year.

Exposed Plumbing & Updated Hardware

Many homes are embracing the industrial look and what better area of the home to feature this than in the master bath? Instead of tucking plumbing elements behind the wall, homeowners are choosing to leave them exposed in the shower to contrast against the white or marble color palette of the shower. Pewter hardware is also making its way into the spotlight this year, as it gives the space more sophisticated depth and texture.

Marble & Terrazzo Additions

Marble has been a staple in many Southwest Florida homes for years now, since its beauty and style create an ambiance like no other in both the master bath and kitchen areas. Marble gives the space a stylish and luxurious feel, and now terrazzo is joining the mix. Comprised of marble, quartz and other materials, terrazzo is prompting homeowners to utilize it in the following areas:

  • Accent pieces

  • Backsplashes

  • Counter tops

  • Shower floors

  • Wall elements

The refined look of marble and terrazzo create the perfect style in the master bath of 2019.

Master Bath Style

No matter how you look at these styles, one thing is certain…the master bath is getting a makeover into a more prominent area of the home. Our days of spending little time in this area are being replaced by utilizing this space for pampering and relaxation. Take a moment and lose yourself in the beauty of your breathtaking master bath by embracing these top trends for 2019.

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