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There can be nothing more rewarding than having a trusted relationship between a home builder and a realtor. Helping each other succeed is the number one priority of the partnership, and knowing that each entity has the other’s best interest in mind can’t be beat. So, why should a realtor work with a builder? Realtors used to believe that they were better off working alone, but lately more and more builders and realtors are collaborating and the results are showing.

Let’s talk a bit about this beneficial partnership.

The Realtor/Builder Team

Realtors have a job to do and so do home builders. The advantage of partnering with a builder is that they handle all aspects of the home building process, allowing you to then go out and do what you do best…sell homes for clients. Many builders offer better commissions and quicker payment, so partnering with a builder can have its benefits, such as not having to wait until the end of construction to get paid. Realtors love to sell new construction. There’s nothing quite like selling a home that’s brand new with all the bells and whistles, and choosing to work together creates a team dynamic that has both parties helping the other succeed.

Realtor Knowledge & Builder Expertise

A realtor’s job is to find their client the right home for them, based wants and needs, while sticking to their budget. They offer clients insights on comparable homes in the area and have the knowledge at hand to show clients homes they might not have noticed before. Partnering with a builder opens up a new doorway to even more available homes to offer.

A home builder’s expertise should be of the utmost importance to a realtor. Having a partnership with a reputable builder is a key component to your success. When looking to partner with a builder, find one who is trusted in the community for their quality craftsmanship, professional staff and open communication. Builders who have a realtor program in place is also a good place to start. This means that they understand the need for this partnership and value their realtor teammates. Choosing to team up with a company that understands that collaboration is important for both parties is the first step in forming this bond.

Building a Good Relationship

Trust is key, so it’s important that realtors and builders both do their research on each other to find the best fit. There’s no shortage of realtors nowadays, so referrals are a way for builders to find the right realtors to add to their team. Other ways builders and realtors can get in contact include:

  • Open Houses: Builders invite realtors to their open houses, so that they can get an idea of what the builder has to offer and bring potential buyers back to the property.
  • Office Visits: Builders invite realtors to their office to meet the staff and see how they can partner together.
  • Home Tours: Realtors are invited to a personalized tour of the home, so that the builder and realtors can get to know each other and see how they can work together.

There’s no denying that a healthy realtor/builder relationship can mean success for all parties involved. For more information about partnering with Gulfstream Homes, please call (239) 254-1664 or visit


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