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Maintaining a beautiful landscape in your Southwest Florida home seems as though it would be an easy task. With our abundant sunshine and plentiful rain in the summer months, your plants and greenery are sure to flourish. Although this is correct, there are many things to keep in mind in order to ensure that your yard is following certain guidelines for our ecosystem. Take some tips from the experts and read on for our guide to landscape design in Naples, Florida.

Plant Selection

Selecting plants that thrive in our area is key in long-term success of your landscaping. Choose plants that are well-suited to life in Southwest Florida and can withstand the elements that are thrown their way. It’s important to choose plants that are a match with our ecosystem and don’t use excess water. Match your plant choices based on light, water needs and wind conditions. Choosing the wrong type of plants can end in disappointment as some varieties can’t withstand the heat and some may topple over with strong winds.

Watering & Fertilizing

After choosing the perfect plants for your home’s yard, it’s time to care for these living organisms. Overwatering is a common problem for homeowners in Southwest Florida and needs to be addressed first. Not only does overwatering deplete our water supply, it also raises the cost of your monthly water bill. It’s a common practice that if rain is predicted within 24 hours or if it has rained in the last 24 hours, that watering your plants is not necessary. Also, keep in mind our dry winter months as oftentimes, restrictions are placed upon watering as shortages may occur.

Fertilizing your plants at the correct time and with the right amount of fertilizer is imperative as using too much fertilizer can lead to run-off that may affect local wildlife and waterways. Also, fertilizing your landscaped yard correctly helps to avoid excessive growth and unwanted pests.

Wildlife vs. Pests

There’s a fine line between wildlife you want in your home’s backyard and pests that you don’t. It’s important to encourage the presence of bees and birds, as many have been pushed out of their natural environments by the increased building in our area. Plant berry bushes or add in a couple of bird feeders to draw in some helpful insect-eating guests. Be sure to apply low-toxicity pest control to help plants stay healthy and free of disease.

Functional Landscape Design

Keep in mind what you want to accomplish with your home’s landscape design. Do you just want to plant a few trees and plants for aesthetics or are you looking for them to be functional? We have an abundance of sunshine here in Naples, Florida, so it’s important that your landscaping helps your home to stay shaded. Many homeowners enjoy the idea of privacy and what better way than to plant some beautiful tall trees surrounding the property?

Keep these important details in mind when you’re designing your home’s landscaping, so that it works with our Southwest Florida ecosystem:

  • Choose plants that work with our sub-tropical climate and weather elements.
  • Water and fertilize correctly, as to not negatively affect the area’s wildlife.
  • Choose landscaping based on your needs and vision.
  • Be mindful of pests and take measures to keep your plants healthy.

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