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Transforming a space into something special with your creative influence is one of the joys of being a homeowner. Especially in Southwest Florida, where quality of life reigns supreme, and our homes are expected to provide a home base for the many aspects of our ever-changing needs. However, numerous decisions and options can make landing on a renovation concept hard. Luckily, Gulfstream Homes is here to help and let you know that 2023 is full of these exciting trends in home renovations that fit nicely with luxurious living.

1. Enhanced Home Offices

The home office is officially a staple, and renovating these spaces to accommodate a more work-from-home-friendly lifestyle is rising. Enhancing your home office is about improving functionality, but it’s also a call to cultivate a more conducive environment to do your best work. Whether you work from home full time, part time, or simply need a serene, productive space to conduct your personal business, a well-designed home office is essential.

Some home office renovations are about transforming an existing space into an office. For instance, many will want to turn an unused spare bedroom into a workspace. A new home office can bring more flexibility and comfort to your workday.

2. Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are always on trend, especially in Southwest Florida. But because their value keeps increasing, adding a luxurious twist is one of the hot new trends. Think big and consider adding special entertaining areas like fire pits, a putting green, bocce court, and more that pair nicely with outdoor kitchens and the pool space of your dreams.

Fun and functionality are high on the list for an outdoor living space. However, some homeowners are more interested in beautiful landscaping and gardening. Spending time renovating both is the best way to add a luxurious feel.

3. Commercial Grade Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchens are another space that will keep seeing a lot of love from homeowners, and many families are opting to upgrade their kitchen to full-on restaurant quality. If you long to channel your inner chef and work magic in your own kitchen, here are a few restaurant grade home kitchen features to consider:

  • Stainless steel cabinetry
  • Upgraded workspace lighting
  • Professional grade range
  • Large workstation-style sink

In other words, whatever your dream kitchen looks like, it’s all on the metaphorical table.

4. Texture Top-to-Bottom

Adding or increasing texture throughout your home is one of the more notable trends in home renovations. Many modern designs are going out of their way to incorporate more visual interest through textured fabrics or walls. There’s a lot of opportunity to play here, and you can add a pop of texture to any area of your home.

5. Technology Throughout the Home

It’s no surprise that technology is on the list of trends in home renovations. Homeowners everywhere are starting to deck out their homes with tech to make their lives easier. And the need for home offices over the past few years has only made these upgrades more enticing.

Smart home functionality makes it easy for comfortable living. Some technology can also help better secure your home, which every homeowner is after. And newer tech makes it easier than ever to keep your space looking sleek.

Hiring a home renovation team with experience is the best way to include these trends in your home. Gulfstream Homes can help your vision come to life! Contact our team today to learn more and schedule your consultation.