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Whether you’re building a brand new home here in Southwest Florida or you’re looking for the right home for you and your family, there are a lot of choices available. From beachfront bungalows to multi-story mansions and everything in between, you have quite a decision to make when it comes to what you’re searching for in a home. You may notice that many Florida homes are one-story spaces, due in part to the fact that they’re easy to cool and protect from the elements, but there are more benefits to one-story homes than you may realize. One-story homes are ideal for many Floridians, whether they’re retirees or young families who have just relocated, which is why we’re here to discuss the perks of building or buying one.

Here are some of the top advantages of single-story homes.

Overall Flow

Single-story homes have a great flow. Not only are all of the different rooms on one level, you’re able to effortlessly transition from one space to another. Plus, for those who are looking to create an open floorplan in the home, one-story homes are easy to do this in, making them highly sought after by many. In addition, it’s effortless to get to the various rooms in the home and simple to keep an eye on everyone and everything going on in the space.

Safe for Seniors

Many Southwest Florida residents are over the age of 65, and as we age, we may develop mobility issues. That’s why many homeowners choose to buy or build a one-story home, so that it’s easy, convenient and most importantly, safe to get around on a daily basis. This is also ideal for families with young children and pets.

Easy to Enjoy

When you choose to live in a single-story home, everything is all on one level, so that you’re not disturbed by unnecessary noise. You’ll also find that one-story homes are much easier for families to transition and parents to age in place without the need to downsize into another home.

Other Benefits of Single-Story Homes

Living in a single-story home comes with a multitude of benefits to help make for a better everyday living situation. More perks of single-story homes include:

  • Nice amount of living space per square foot

  • Easy evacuation (in case of a fire, etc)

  • Impressive number of design options

  • Low energy bills

  • Easy to get ready for a storm

You’ll find that in choosing to buy or build a single-story home, you won’t just be able to enjoy the ease of living in this type of space, but you’re also able to save money and stay safe.

Is a Single-Story Home Right For You?

Single-story homes come with a host of benefits that appeal to many types of buyers, which makes them exceptionally popular in our area and beyond. When it comes time to get the home you’ve always wanted, keep these thoughts in mind and be sure to choose the home design that works best for your lifestyle.

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