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There is just something about the feeling you get as you step into a tranquil and relaxing bathroom. For many Southwest Florida homeowners, the bathroom is a sanctuary, where you’re able to unwind from the day and get rejuvenated for what lies ahead. How you decorate this space can set the tone for how you feel while you’re in it, and a big piece of the puzzle lies just beneath your feet. Bathroom flooring plays a substantial role in the look and feel of this space, which means that whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or renovating a current space, the flooring you choose is important. When it’s time to design the bathroom that makes the stress from your day melt away, keep flooring in mind. Here are some of the hottest bathroom flooring trends you’ll see this year.

Wood-Look Flooring

Perfect to capture that contemporary farmhouse vibe, wood-look flooring is a go-to choice for designers and homeowners to accentuate the rustic look throughout all areas of the home, even those prone to moisture. The big draw to wood-look flooring is that it’s not real wood, as real wood would never be able to stand up against the elements of a bathroom. Manufactured from waterproof laminate material, wood-look flooring provides you with the look you want, combined with ultimate functionality and durability in this particular room of the home.

Marble-Look Flooring

Let’s face it…the marble look is in high demand these days. From wallpaper to accessories, counter tops and more, we just can’t get enough marble in our homes. The problem with real marble, however, is that it’s incredibly expensive, which can put a lot of buyers off. If you want to carry that modern spa-like atmosphere into your personal bathroom, it’s possible with marble-look flooring, designed to look like real marble, but for a much more economical price.

Patterned Tile

If you’re looking to make a statement with your bathroom, patterned tile can help you achieve just that. Intricate stencil designs in bold colors help your bathroom stand out without being too loud and gaudy. From herringbone patterns to metallic accents, patterned tile provides something for every different type of space imaginable. Opt to carry this look into your laundry room for a cohesive feel throughout the home.

Other Bathroom Flooring Options

You’ll find that you have quite the selection available when it comes to getting the bathroom flooring that works with your home. Other popular options that we’re seeing in many homes include:

No matter if you’re looking to create a zen-like oasis or a contemporary relaxation destination, you have options to enhance this space with the perfect flooring material and design.

Your Ideal Bathroom

You may think that as long as you choose the right fixtures and paint color that your bathroom will come together easily; however, your flooring plays a larger part in the process than you may realize when it comes to bringing this look all together. That’s why choosing the right flooring trend to match your home’s style is recommended, so that you’re able to sit back and relax in your bathroom, enjoying the feeling that you get the moment you step inside.

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