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Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home. It’s where families gather to eat together, and guests often find themselves mingling while talking to the host. To say it’s one of the most important rooms in a home is an understatement. Gulfstream Homes remodeling services has created beautiful kitchens that bring homeowners joy for years to come. Before you dive headfirst into picking out countertops and backsplashes, here are some common myths that could lead you astray. 


Myth #1: Kitchens Cost a Fortune 

Yes, custom kitchens can cost a fortune. The truth is, kitchen remodels come in all shapes and sizes, with budgets to match. When you work with a reputable builder such as Gulfstream, our staff works with you and your budget. From keeping existing layouts and cabinets to a full gut job, the amount of money you have budgeted will help us guide you on where to spend your money to get the most value. The key is to prioritize your needs and wants. When you can’t decide, the National Kitchen and Bath Association publishes an annual Kitchen & Bath Design Trends report that includes helpful cost considerations. 


Myth #2: DIY Is the Way to Go 

Watching a YouTube video will make it seem that handling a kitchen remodel on your own is a breeze. What those videos don’t show is that a kitchen remodel is a major project that involves plumbing, electrical work, and possibly structural modifications. While some DIY-savvy individuals might tackle smaller aspects like a backsplash, attempting a full remodel can lead to costly mistakes and delays. Hiring experienced professionals ensures the job is done correctly, safely, and up to code.  


Myth #3: Make it on Trend 

Kitchen remodels are expensive and time consuming. What is trending today, may be outdated next month. When you begin designing your new kitchen select finishes that you like and that will age well. Focusing on timeless design principles and classic materials that won’t feel dated in a few years will go a lot further than trends.  


Myth #4: I Won’t Get My Investment Back 

While you won’t recoup all the costs of a kitchen remodel, it will boost your home’s value. By making strategic decisions about where to invest your money, your returns will be greater. Things that add more value to a kitchen remodel include expanding or improving the kitchen layout and replacing outdated features like appliances and cabinets. If you were to need to sell your home, interested buyers will appreciate a well-designed, modern kitchen. 


Remodel Smart 

A well-planned and executed kitchen remodel can be a rewarding investment that improves your home’s functionality, increases its value, and creates a space you’ll love for years to come. When you work with the professionals at Gulfstream Homes, we will help you maximize your budget while helping you fulfill your dream kitchen wish list. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your kitchen remodel journey!