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Everyone loves a good home improvement project. It lets you customize your living space to fit your needs and wants. No matter the age of your home, it can benefit from renovations and upgrades. As you prepare to renovate your residence with Gulfstream Homes, consider the best home renovations to do in 2024.

Upsizing Your Home: Adding New Suites for More Living Space

You’ve probably heard of an in-law suite. Many homeowners decide to add extra living space for their parents for different reasons. As a parent facing a national childcare shortage, you may also need a suite for your nanny or au pair. No matter the reason, upsizing your current home is one of the best home renovations to do in 2024.

More homeowners across the country are expanding their current homes instead of buying new ones. Whether you have a brand-new build or a beloved older home, you can curate the perfect living suites for your additional family members.

Bonus Benefit: Adding Value to Your Home

When it comes to home equity, more square footage is always better, and so is having fully livable spaces that aren’t connected to existing bedrooms and living rooms. If you choose to resell your home, the additional space will increase its value.

Kitchen and Bathroom Updates: Out With the Old, and In With the New

More homeowners are updating their kitchens and bathrooms as new trends emerge. As open-concept kitchens and modern bathroom features become more prevalent, some of the upgrades homeowners are taking on include:

  • Incorporating multipurpose storage
  • Replacing bathtubs, showers, and accessories
  • Installing kitchen islands
  • Integrating smart home technology
  • Expanding the size or updating the floor plan

Bathroom and kitchen upgrades can go a long way toward modernizing your home and adding an air of luxury. These are often significant structural changes, but the results will be well worth the time and costs.

Upgrading Outdoor Living Spaces: Pools, Lanais, and More

Florida is The Sunshine State for a good reason. And thanks to the beautiful weather, many Floridians enjoy high-end outdoor living spaces. When you want to enjoy the wonderful weather with family and friends, these luxurious elements can serve you well.

While an inground pool is a classic choice for those wanting to upgrade their homes, a lanai is another popular choice that offers plenty of shade while still being open — making it ideal for gatherings, outdoor meals, and other occasions. The lanai-and-pool combo makes you an honorary Floridian, and the value of your luxurious Gulfstream home only goes up after this type of upgrade.

Customizing Your Gulfstream Home: Best Home Renovations to Do in 2024

At Gulfstream Homes, we make your residential dreams come to life. We offer new custom builds in luxurious areas near Naples, FL.

As you explore our new builds, think about the renovations you’ll want to do in the future. When it’s time to upgrade your living space, we’re here to help. Get your perfect custom home from Gulfstream Homes!