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Summertime has officially arrived, and while it’s a little different than what we’re used to, homeowners across the nation are making the most out of more time spent at home. With many vacations getting postponed, it’s no surprise that the outdoor living area is proving to be the shining star this summer. More time at home means more Saturdays spent relaxing by the pool and enjoying the warm weather. You may not think about it all the time, but the material that you choose around your pool and throughout your outdoor living space matters. If you’re looking to give your pool area an overhaul or if you’re starting from scratch. Let us help you find the right pool decking material for you.

Have fun in the sun this summer with the perfect pool decking material!

What to Look for in Pool Decking Material

Is your pool quickly becoming the “it’ spot in your home this summer? Be sure to make the most of this space with the right pool decking material. Pool decking is not only important to the look and feel of the space, but for safety in the area as well. Factors to consider when choosing pool decking materials include:

  • Slip resistance

  • Design options

  • Heat reflectivity

  • Maintenance

  • Durability

When choosing the right pool decking for your home, you’ll need to take multiple factors into consideration, so that you can be sure you make the best choice for your pool.

Here are some of the most popular options available…

Pool Decking Material Option 1: Concrete

A top choice for many, concrete is both safe and affordable. With either a stamped or broom finish, concrete is available in a variety of colors, so that you can create a custom look for your pool area that shows off your unique style.

Pool Decking Material Option 2: Stone

Durable and incredibly stylish, many homeowners are choosing stone for their pool deck. Unlike concrete, stone can stand up to any climate with no risk of cracking in extreme temperatures. Available in many sizes, shapes and colors, stone brings a natural touch to this area of the home.

Pool Decking Material Option 3: Pavers

Typically arranged in various interlocking patterns, pavers create a unique design in your pool area. One of the easiest materials to repair and maintain, pavers are a beautiful option for your outdoor living space.

Pool Decking Material Option 4: Tile

You may think that tile is only meant for your interior flooring, but specialized tile is also available for your pool area! As tile continues to advance, not only in style, but also availability, more and more designers, builders and homeowners are choosing this look for the pool area. Providing a clean and elegant look to the space, tile is quick and easy to install, not to mention gorgeous to look at while you’re enjoying your outdoor space.

As we take on summer, create the outdoor space that you want in your home. If you’re looking to revamp your outdoor living area, find the right pool decking material that complements the space perfectly. Be sure to do your research and find a material that not only looks spectacular, but is also durable, easy to maintain and fits into your budget. Enjoy sunshine-filled days and balmy evening sunsets from the comforts of home this summer and do so in a space that’s built for relaxation.

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