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You may have spent years in your home, raising a family, building your career and making lasting memories, but the mood has struck and you’re now considering building a second home. So, how can you make this home different from your first? What elements should you include in it, so that you can make the most out of your new life there? When it comes to building a second home, the atmosphere may be slightly different than that of your first home. You may be at a point of relocation during retirement or you may simply want a getaway spot. No matter what your reason may be, we’ve got some tips for you.

Here are some exciting features for a second home.

Rest & Relaxation

Your primary home may be a bit more functional; however, your second home should offer more relaxation elements. This is your space to rest and unwind, to get away from reality for a bit, so make sure you keep that in mind during the design process. A spa ambiance in the master bath or a reading room with panoramic windows to let the natural light in are perfect features to incorporate into your second living space. Make this home more about you. Include the relaxation features that you desire, so that you can make the most out of this space.

Entertainment Destination

Entertaining guests? A second home is perfect not only for more relaxation, but more fun as well. Consider adding the following into your home to amp up the entertainment level:

  • Double kitchen island

  • Open floorplan with easy access to the outdoor living space

  • Outdoor kitchen & seating areas

  • Pool & spa

  • Home theater

Adding these features will help make your second home ideal for entertaining without having to lift a finger to set up.

A Separate Guest Suite

You may have more guests visit you at your second home and having separate living quarters for them can be ideal. Having a place just for guests helps them to settle in more and be more comfortable in your home. They can relax and unwind, unpack and relax with ease without feeling like they are in the way. Plus, you’ll be able to limit the noise in your main living areas if your guests have their own space. This is especially convenient for vacationers who want to stay up late, catching up. You’re able to make that early tee time and they’re able to have some fun without any interruptions or disturbances.

Second Home Goals

What you desire from a second home depends on you. You may want this space strictly as a relaxation getaway or you may want to be able to entertain family members and friends who come to our gorgeous Southwest Florida paradise to visit. No matter the reason, your second home deserves to be designed how you’ve always envisioned. After all, when it’s time to sit back and relax, it doesn’t hurt to do that perched atop a lounge chair, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying our beautiful tropical backdrop.

The Gulfstream Homes team is excited to help you build the perfect second home in Southwest Florida! Call (239) 254-1664 or visit to learn more.

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