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As 2024 rolls out in front of us, it’s time to report the newest design trends you may want to implement on both the exterior and interior of your new home. As you work with Gulfstream Homes to find your perfect landing spot in 2024, keep these trends in mind.  

Home design is always changing in terms of color schemes, designs, and layouts. Learn about the best design trends so you can make your home warm, inviting, and fashionable this year.  

In: Dark Color Palettes with Moody Blues, Greens, and Grays 

Neutrals like gray and white aren’t going away any time soon, but they will be paired with bolder colors this year. As you navigate 2024 design trends, keep your eye on more unconventional color palettes to add to your neutral or coastal decor.  

For a few years, home magazines have displayed light, neutral-colored spaces. Now, dark colors are returning to popularity in the world of interior design. Homeowners are opting for moodier aesthetics with complementary dark hues. Adding a little depth to your favorite neutral palette creates an earthy, grounded aesthetic. 

The most notable popular colors this year include: 

  • Navy 
  • Dark yellow 
  • Chartreuse green 
  • Maroon 
  • Slate gray 

These shades were excluded from much of home decor for the last decade. Now, they’re making a comeback in major ways. From rooms painted in a dark color to accessorizing with them, the dark palette is here. 

In: Antique Patterns and Textures 

As minimalist design styles give way to an appreciation for antique patterns, you’re going to see a rise in these patterns and textures. What used to be considered outdated is now back and fashionable. Abstract patterns with plenty of busy elements are popping up in homes everywhere.  

This also applies to textures in homes as well. As smooth neutrals bring in or transition into moodier combinations, you’ll see more mixing and matching of textures and patterns. This will create more depth and character in any room of your home.  

Out: “Loud” Luxury 

Many people are focusing on “quiet luxury” in 2024. This can mean many different things, but the gist is the same — people want inviting, comforting spaces. Rather than setting up sterile-looking luxurious rooms, homeowners want their spaces to feel lived-in. This is true now more than ever.  

As homes transition from flashy luxury showrooms to cozy, quiet corners and livable spaces, take note. Quiet luxury is a versatile design theme that can apply to almost any home! 

Gulfstream Homes: Bring 2024 Design Trends to Life in Your New Nest 

Are you looking for a new build in southwest Florida? At Gulfstream Homes, we’re here to help you create your forever home. Since 1998 Gulfstream Homes has built homes based on integrity, experience and, most importantly, trust. It is our goal, and paramount to our success, to provide you with a custom home that reflects your exquisite taste and individuality.