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Even though it’s pretty much always summer in beautiful Southwest Florida, the essence of the season is more prominent this time of the year. As we go into the steamy summer months, we can’t help but think about all of the newest trends that are going into one of the most popular areas of the Florida home…the outdoor living area. This space not only provides a sense of relaxation and tranquility, it also entertains guests, serves as a backdrop for gatherings and so much more. When it comes to design trends for this area of the home, homeowners are getting serious about their choices. Here are some of the hottest outdoor living trends just in time for summer.

Seamless Transitions

Indoor-outdoor living is now becoming one blended atmosphere in many homes. Being able to transition from inside the home to your outdoor living area is becoming more effortless, due to various upgrades in design, such as folding walls, collapsible screens and walls of sliding glass doors. Bring the outside in to maximize your home’s design and take advantage of our Southwest Florida paradise. The days of being cooped up in the home are over. Simply open the doors and let the salty sea air transport you to paradise.

Outdoor Enhancements

It’s no secret that outdoor living areas have become increasingly popular throughout the years. Now, more homeowners are choosing to add even more features to this space to maximize comfort and functionality. Upgraded features include:

  • Outdoor kitchens

  • Fire features

  • Water features

  • Pizza ovens

  • Mini golf courses

Homeowners wish to make the outdoor living area an extension of the home, so the desire for these enhancements is growing significantly. Comfort is key…even outdoors.

Landscape Designs

Landscaping is also getting a revamp this year into something more. Homeowners want sustainability and achieve this through the use of outdoor elements, designed to add the essence of nature to the space. Greenery is king and many homeowners are choosing to incorporate pollinating plants to help sustain the ever-dwindling bee population, helping to create a true ecosystem right at home.

Gray Tones

Gray continues to be at the helm of modern design, even when it comes to the outdoors. Light grays and charcoal tones dominate home design as of late, and are being seen in many aspects of the outdoor living area. Gray paint, furniture and accent pieces are making their way into this space of the home to add that modern touch. Warm tones are slowly making their way back to design boards with the use of beige tones to soften the look of the space. We’ll have to wait and see if warm tones will move in to replace cooler grays and charcoals in the future, but for now, gray is staying.

Impressive & Functional Outdoor Living Trends

This summer, outdoor living design calls for both sophisticated and modern design, paired with comfort and functionality. The outdoor living area has become yet another place in the home that seeks design attention, and homeowners are jumping to the challenge of creating an oasis that they can enjoy right from the comforts of home.

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