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Living in Florida can pose some interesting challenges for building or remodeling a home. We can get some pretty serious weather, an abundance of sunlight and not to mention, substantial heat and humidity, making the home building industry here quite different than other parts of the country. That’s why having the right builder, who knows our area is important in your home remodeling efforts, because one wrong move can cause problems for the outcome of your renovation project. So, when it comes to remodeling in Florida, here’s what you need to know.

The Climate

Here in Southwest Florida, we have a subtropical climate, which needs to be taken into consideration for much of your home remodeling project. We get to endure hot, humid summers and temperate winters, which means that focusing on the benefits of this type of climate, while keeping in mind the limitations is essential.

The location of your home may not be something that you can remedy, unless you are planning on tearing it down and starting from scratch. If that’s not in the plans (or the budget), you may be able to renovate the interior to take advantage of the ample sunlight that we receive for much of the year. Designing your lanai at the rear of the home can also be beneficial, especially if it faces South or West. This can help you take advantage of our beautiful Southwest Florida sunsets.

You’ll also want to keep in mind the plentiful rain that we receive, especially in the summer months, and if you’re in a flood zone, it’s important to stay informed of the latest rules and regulations for your area. If you’re renovating and the laws have changed, you may need to elevate your home accordingly.

Curb Appeal

Homes in Southwest Florida, especially, have some major curb appeal by way of exterior design and added features, such as exterior shutters and landscaping elements. Keep in mind the exterior of your home when making renovations and choose plant life accordingly, remembering our subtropical climate. You don’t want plants that aren’t going to be able to withstand the harsh sun, rain and other inclement weather that comes our way.

Your Outdoor Oasis

Most homeowners in Florida wish to take advantage of the weather, making outdoor living spaces more prevalent in our homes. Outdoor spaces are being incorporated into many remodeling plans and can include such features as:

  • Pools & spas

  • Outdoor kitchens

  • Water features

  • Seating areas

  • Boat docks

Many Floridians wish to have this space revamped into their own private outdoor oasis that they can enjoy daily.

Protecting Your Home

Let’s face it…we can get some pretty nasty weather. Hurricane season is the real deal and should not be taken lightly. That’s why you may want to think about upgraded hurricane protection for your home during your renovation. In many renovation situations, homeowners use this time to incorporate impact-resistant windows and doors, as well as stronger roofs to ensure that their home is protected against the elements of a storm.

Your Florida Remodeling Project

As you can see, remodeling a home in Florida has some unique aspects to take into consideration. Get the most out of your home’s renovation project by remembering these helpful tips and sticking with a builder who is well-versed in our area. In doing this, you’ll increase your chances of getting the home design that you want that will remain strong in our subtropical location.

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