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Welcome guests into your home. Gather and entertain. Make a statement. The great room has many purposes in the home, which means that there are many ways to add the important element of style into it. When we think of designing a home, many of us gravitate toward the kitchen or bathroom; however, the great room is just as special. This is the place where your friends and family will gather, where you will welcome guests into your home and where you will enjoy the peaceful tranquility of your Southwest Florida lifestyle. When it comes to designing your great room, let us help with some trendy design ideas that are making headlines in the world of home building and interior design.

Here’s how to give your great room the WOW factor…

Sleek Fireplaces

Yes, even here in Southwest Florida, homeowners seek to have that comfortable, inviting feel of a fireplace in the great room. When you’re looking to add a contemporary level of style to the home, modern fireplaces are popping up on more and more must-have lists. Minimalist fireplaces blend an element of subtle luxury into the space and many homeowners are adding this to their great room design board when building a custom home or renovating an existing space. Contemporary fireplaces are designed to take up less space and blend in seamlessly with the décor of the room, making them highly-desired among many homeowners and designers.

Natural Elements

That earthy, rustic feel has been coming to the forefront of home design for years now, and many homeowners are choosing to add these elements into their great rooms with ease. The look of reclaimed wood is especially popular and is being incorporated into the following features of the great room:

  • Flooring

  • Ceilings

  • Furniture

  • Fixtures

  • Accessories

Other natural elements, such as granite, marble and pebbles are also being included in many spaces of the home, particularly in the great room, giving it an earthy, majestic feel.

Statement Floors and Ceilings

The great room helps you welcome guests into your home and is often the first room they will see, so it’s no surprise that homeowners are looking for it to be impressive. Bold colors and geometric patterns are starting to be seen on floors and ceilings throughout many contemporary homes. These statement elements are especially popular in the great room, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas. Accented with simple, modern furniture, statement walls and ceilings give the space a chic look.

Personalized Design

Adding in an element of you is becoming so important to many homeowners, and this is seen most in the great room. Some homeowners seek to design their own wallpaper (yes, it’s back!) or add in some personal artwork built into the space. No matter how you wish to add this to your great room, it’s no doubt one of the hottest trends in the modern home.

When you’re looking to add the WOW factor to this important space in your home, remember these tips. If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing home, don’t be afraid to embrace some of these stylish options for this space. After all, first impressions are everything!

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