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If you’ve read any interior design blogs, popped on Pinterest for some design inspo or visited any home improvement stores, you may have realized just how many flooring design options you have, but what about your ceilings? Surely there must be more options than just plan white. When it comes to design, the ceiling tends to take a backseat to everything else, but why? It takes up just as much room as the floor, and we think that it should matter just as much! You may be surprised to find that there are more ideas than you originally thought for designing your ceiling to complement the style of your home, and we’ve picked out some of our favorites.

Here are some stunning ceiling designs you’re going to love.

Wood Beams

In the age of modern farmhouse style, the beamed ceiling is making its presence known in many Southwest Florida homes. Contemporary, rustic and giving off a coastal feel, wood beams create that Hamptons home look that’s highly desired, no matter where you live. For an even more beachy feel, go with a crisp white paint to lighten and brighten up the space.

Colorful Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are a spectacular way to add texture and depth to a room; however, this particular trend takes the coffered ceiling design a little bit further. Instead of traditional neutral tones for the ceiling, colorful, vibrant hues are taking charge. Think bright navy walls with a navy coffered ceiling to match, or opt to make a statement with the ceiling by painting the walls of the room in neutral tones and the ceiling a bright color to add some interest to the room.

Walnut Paneling

If you’re looking to add a natural, tropical touch to your home, walnut paneling will get you there. The rich walnut tones give the space an earthy feel, and combined with simple furniture, your space will feel like a tropical getaway in no time.

Geometric Tiles

Geometric shapes are really making their appearance in many modern homes, and the ceiling may just be the perfect spot to incorporate this trend. Neutral tones or vibrant hues can don this space, so finding the look for this area is based on preference, and a tetris-style arrangement makes this design more interesting.

Other Ceiling Design Trends

When it comes to your ceiling, you’ve got loads of options to make this area as dialed in as the rest of your home, so get creative! Other unique ideas include:

Whether you’re looking for sophisticated luxury or tropical vibes, these ceiling designs can help you pull this space together perfectly. So, don’t forget about your ceiling and be sure to have fun with this element of your home. After all, you’ve got a big area to cover, so why not make it interesting? Find the look you want for your home and add in some exquisite ceiling detailing to tie it all together.

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