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If white sand beaches, tranquil breezes and breathtaking sunsets are what you’re looking for, then Marco Island is your ultimate destination in paradise. With a wide variety of activities to enjoy, like boating, fishing, lounging on the beach, shopping, dining and more, Marco Island emanates a small town feel with big city vibes just miles away in Naples. When you cross the bridge, you’re seemingly escorted to a more relaxed area of Southwest Florida. Because of this island feeling, more and more homes are being built to accommodate the new islanders that Marco Island welcomes each year.

Upon visiting Marco Island, you’ll be able to tell that it’s quite a unique area, and if you aren’t aware, building on the Island poses some unique challenges as well. When it comes to building a home on Marco Island, there are some aspects that you’ll need to consider here more than anywhere else.

Here’s our ultimate guide to home building on Marco Island.

A Strong Foundation

Perhaps nothing is more important than building a home on Marco Island with a solid foundation, which places this tip at the top of our list. You see, Marco Island poses unique challenges with builders, and home foundations here almost always require structural pilings with engineered concrete grade beams. This helps to disperse the weight of the structure evenly on the ground, resulting in a reinforced home, which is especially beneficial when it comes to any inclement weather during the summer months.

Location! Location! Location!

There are really no bad places to build a home on Marco, but what you’ll want to take into consideration is placement of the home on the lot and where this lot is located on the Island. For instance, if you’re a boat enthusiast, you may want to ensure that your home has direct access to the water, which calls for a private dock or boat lift.

You’ll also want to be sure that your outdoor living area (which is usually located at the rear of the home) is situated in a way that you can take advantage of our famous Southwest Florida sunsets each and every evening. After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying some good company out by the pool watching the iridescent colors transform the sky.

Marco Island Inspections

Marco Island has a series of detailed inspections that a home must pass, which may differ from other areas of Florida. All free-standing structures must be permitted accordingly and pass an in-depth inspection. These structures include:

  • Detached garages and carports

  • Fences

  • Flagpoles

  • Wood/concrete decking

  • Docks and boat lifts

You’ll also want to take your seawall into careful consideration, as there are issues that commonly arise with poorly-constructed seawalls, like:

  • Sinkholes

  • Slab joint separation

  • Waterline failures

  • Toe and berm failures

This is why the City of Marco Island creates a series of thorough inspections that all builders must adhere to when building homes on the Island.

Choosing a Marco Island Home Builder

As you can see, Marco Island is a unique and amazing place to live, and having the right builder on your team is imperative to the success of your home building project. That’s why hiring a builder who knows the area well and is experienced with building homes on the Island is strongly recommended.

At Gulfstream Homes, our Marco Island Superintendent, Max Licciardi, has over six years of hands-on experience in field operations for one of Florida’s largest and most trusted structural contractors. Teamed with over 50 years of construction expertise, Gulfstream Homes will deliver the highest quality experience when it comes to your home.

Is Marco Island calling your name? Get in touch with us! Call (239) 259-8070 or visit to begin your Marco Island home project today!

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