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There once was a time where we could only dream of the tech gadgets that we have today. The ease of use, the convenience and the way these tech devices just make life better wasn’t possible 20 years ago, and the advancements just keep coming. In a world seemingly controlled by technology, the future is bright. More and more homeowners are now choosing to implement smart home technology into their homes and with good reason…it makes life easier at home. So, what exactly is smart home technology and what does it do? Let us help with the ABC’s of smart home technology.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Automate and monitor your home by pairing your tech gadgets to the Internet and be able to take control. Smart home technology is utilized in many applications, ranging from basic functions, such as:

  • lights

  • temperature

  • music

to more advanced aspects of the home, such as:

  • security systems

  • kitchen appliances

  • showers and sinks

and the list is only growing. Utilizing smart apps which are connected to devices, like your smartphone or tablet, allows homeowners to have a better grasp of what’s going on at home, without even being there.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Not only does smart home technology give homeowners peace of mind when away from the home, it also has some other surprising benefits. Smart home technology allows for more energy efficiency, as lights and temperature can be better controlled and appliances, which are connected to smart apps, are operated with less energy. By conserving energy, this also saves homeowners money by lowering energy bills.

Homeowners also have more control with just a touch of a button. Forget to turn the lights off when you left the house? Want to turn the temperature down after you’ve left for work? It’s a simple fix with smart home technology. Another important benefit of adopting smart home technology in your home is safety. New tech devices can alert fire and rescue if a fire breaks out or alert homeowners to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the home. Stay safer by implementing smart home technology apps and devices in your home.

Smart Home Technology & Your Home

Here in Southwest Florida, homeowners want to be able to protect their property, while having the ease and convenience of being taken care of in the home. By being able to control entertaining features, such as lights and music, homeowners are able to host guests with ease, and with the ability of advanced security and voice activation, homeowners can feel more secure, especially if they are alone in the home.

Smart Home Technology & the Future

The future of technology is exciting. With more and more apps and clever devices being invented each year, the opportunities are seemingly endless when it comes to outfitting your home with the very best tech features on the market. Protect your home, have peace of mind and enjoy life more with smart home technology. The future is here…and it’s bright. The time to embrace technology in the home is now.

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