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As we wind down 2018, we are getting excited to experience the new trends in home renovation and design in the New Year. There have been plenty of changes in recent years as homes have gotten a more sleek and streamlined appearance, and we can expect that home trends will stay along those lines, evolving slightly as more homeowners seek to express their individuality and style. It’s an exciting time in the industry with the introduction of many new design ideas and products. Here’s what to expect when it comes to home renovation trends for 2019.

Suspended Lighting

Otherwise known as “pendant” lighting, suspended lighting is planned to make its way into more homes in 2019. These unique design elements are slowly replacing recessed lighting, due to their stylish appearance and variety of design options. These pieces are perfect to add a little something extra to spaces, such as foyers and kitchens, making them the center of attention in these areas of the home. Now, not only will your lighting be functional, it will be stylish as well.

Shiny Accents

Gold and copper are taking center-stage in 2019 and prove to be ideal for areas, such as:

  • Backsplashes

  • Countertops

  • Wall accents

  • Shower enclosures

These accent pieces can also be used on a smaller scale, such as with faucets and cabinet handles, making them versatile and beautiful additions to your home’s design. Gold and copper create a vintage and sophisticated feel in the space, which is why many homeowners are seeking to incorporate these colors into various places in the home.

Kitchen Upgrades

Perhaps the most popular space in the home to upgrade, the kitchen is where we’re seeing some major design changes. Tearing out old cabinetry and replacing with open cabinets is one of the home renovation trends we plan on seeing more of in 2019. Open cabinets provide not only a functional space, but they also serve as design elements in the room to showcase all of your dishware.

Another big change to expect in the kitchen is the replacement of appliances. Matte is making a grand entrance into many homes and stainless steel is preparing to say farewell. Elegant matte finishes not only look seek, they show less dirt and smudges than their stainless steel counterparts.

Vibrant Colors

This home renovation trend might seem minor, compared to ripping out cabinetry and recreating backspashes and shower enclosures, but the addition of bright, vibrant colors to the home is something to expect in the New Year. Simple gray and white designs are being enhanced with pops of bright throughout. Accent walls and beams in these bright colors are being incorporated into the home, and warm hues and creamy tones are expected to dominate in 2019.

Home Renovation Trends

Home renovation centers around design. No, we may not be saying good-bye to open-concept floorplans and minimalist style just yet, but these trends are paving the way for the bigger trends of the future. From kitchen remodels to slight wall color changes, home renovation in 2019 is taking a fun turn, and we’re excited to see what else gets unveiled in the world of home design and renovation.

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