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Over the last couple of years, the home has been transformed. In the past, what acted as the dining area is now a home office hub, and what acted as a guest room is now a home gym. Another big trend in the home lately is embracing sanctuary vibes throughout, most notably in the bathroom. A spa-like atmosphere, quiet, peaceful tranquility and accents of nature flawlessly encapsulate the bathroom area, making it a place of relaxation. When you’re designing your new home or revitalizing an existing space, you’ll want to pay attention to the bathrooms, so that you’re able to create a calming feeling in this area of the home. Here in Southwest Florida, we thrive off of serene Gulf breezes and sunshine radiating from cloudless skies, so it just makes sense that we want to bring these feelings into our homes with us. If you’re searching for the right design for the bathrooms in your home, here are the top bathroom styles to consider for your modern home.

Natural Bathrooms

Bringing the outside in is a common theme in our area, especially with expansive great rooms that mesh perfectly with outdoor living spaces to create an indoor/outdoor feeling that can’t be replicated. The same goes for the bathroom. This space deserves to have hints of nature sprinkled throughout. From textured tile and stone to plant life placed perfectly throughout the room, bringing the outside in is the perfect way to create a natural bathroom space. Wood tones throughout and a waterfall shower bring about a sense of serenity, allowing you to let go of the worries of the day and enjoy your peaceful surroundings.

Spa Bathrooms

The relaxing feeling you get to enjoy while at the spa is unmatched, so it’s only natural that homeowners seek to bring this feeling into their homes. Elements like wet rooms and walk-in showers are making their way into the bathroom area to effortlessly create the spa experience that’s so highly sought-after. Amplify this space even more by incorporating artwork, special light fixtures and patterned tile for a more modern and sophisticated look.

Classic Luxury

There are some styles that never get old, and the classic luxurious bathroom is one of them, marked by white fixtures and marble accents throughout. Keep it light, bright and airy in this space by opting for windows to let the natural light in, as well as minimalist features, like simplistic vanities and stand-alone tubs to allow the space to be simple, yet timeless.

Other Trending Bathroom Designs

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing the bathroom that works for your space, but here are a few styles that are trending for 2022:

  • Industrial
  • Black bathrooms
  • Artistic bathrooms (think murals, statement tile, etc)
  • A mixture of old & new styles

The important thing to remember, when designing your bathroom areas, is to choose a style that complements the rest of the home.

The Modern Bathroom

The bathroom is so much more than just a place to get cleaned up or get ready for the day. It’s a hub for relaxation, for revitalization, and it’s where you go to let the worries of the day fade away. Work with your builder to design the right bathroom space for your home, so that you’re able to look forward to relaxing in this space every single day.


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