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Building a new custom home or remodeling an existing space means making your home brand-new again, and if you’re tackling your kitchen, you’ll want to pay attention to what to include in it. There are some elements of a kitchen that are absolute musts; however, there are other items that have run their course and are no longer needed in this space. When it comes to your new kitchen, here are three things to include and three things to exclude, so that you’re able to maximize the potential of this room.

Include: An Oversized Island…or Two

Here in Southwest Florida, especially, we see our fair share of visitors, and if you’re entertaining in your home, chances are your guests will be congregating in the kitchen. Oversized islands provide you with the space you need to prepare food, as well as entertain guests without the kitchen feeling like it’s overcrowded. Add one or even two of these to increase the functionality of the space.

Exclude: Space-Saver Microwaves

Building the microwave into the kitchen range has been something that we’ve been seeing for years, but its time in the spotlight has finally run out. Unfortunately, this type of set-up leads to inadequate venting from the kitchen range. This is why builders and designers are leaving these space-savers out of the equation, opting instead for proper ventilating hoods.

Include: Walk-In Pantry

Being organized in the kitchen is crucial, and the area that tends to become the most cluttered is the pantry. Building in a dedicated pantry, a walk-in variety if you have the space, is recommended. Not only do you have enough space for all of your food items, it’s easier to stay organized.

Exclude: Tuscan Design

The Tuscan kitchen has had its time to shine; however, for years now, this trend has been slowly leaving centerstage. This is where many builders see the most requests for remodeling, getting rid of the Tuscan design, in favor of a clean, crisp, modern appeal.

Include: Energy-Saving Appliances

Not only do we want to do our part to help save the environment, we also want to reduce operating costs in our homes. Replacing appliances, like your refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher will allow you to save money on your energy bills, while also increasing the value of your home.

Exclude: Overstated Backsplashes

Big geometric patterns and bright colors don’t quite mesh with the contemporary color palettes we see in today’s homes. Busy backsplashes tend to get dated rather quickly, which is why we recommend sticking to simplistic neutral tones to better work with the modern feel that many homeowners are seeking.

Designing Your New Kitchen

When it comes to creating the kitchen space that you really want, keeping some of these ideas in mind will make a big difference. A few other items you’ll want to consider for your kitchen space include:

  • Butler’s pantry
  • Wine cooler
  • Concealed appliances
  • Natural elements

In keeping with a more timeless appeal in this space, you’ll be able to enjoy your kitchen for the long-term, without the need to revamp it every other year. Sticking to modern neutrals with pops of color throughout livens up this area of the home, while adding in functional elements, like a dedicated pantry and oversized island will allow your kitchen to work at its best for you and your guests, providing the best of both worlds.


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