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Marco Island is home to many Southwest Florida residents, who have embraced the calming beauty, tranquility and relaxed atmosphere of island life with ease. Although it appears as if Marco Island is just “right across the bridge” there are certain aspects to take into consideration when building a home on Marco. When it comes to home building, it’s best to seek out a professional who is well-versed in Marco Island’s infrastructure and is ready to create a home that not only works for you, but for the Island as well. Let’s discuss what to consider when building on Marco Island.

Home Positioning

Perhaps one of the most exciting decisions is figuring out where you want your home to be positioned on the Island. If you’re an avid boater, you may be interested in finding a lot on the water, so that you can take advantage of your own private dock. You’ll also want to take advantage of our famous Southwest Florida sunsets, so configuring your outdoor living space and lanai appropriately is key. Many Marco Island residents opt for Western-facing lanais, so that they can enjoy our beautiful sunsets to the fullest. Since Marco Island is home to such breathtaking views, many homeowners also opt for walls of glass in the living areas to provide them with the unmatched views of the Island.

Seawall Maintenance

Due to Marco Island’s low-lying placement, flooding is a concern and precautions need to be in place in order to minimize risk. Climate change has caused water levels to rise through the years, eroding the seawalls, making the need for periodic maintenance necessary. If the tide remains high for any amount of time, Marco Island is impacted, but with regular monitoring of the overall structure of the seawalls, it’s easily kept under control.

Rules & Regulations

Like any area, Marco Island has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to building on the Island. Permits will need to be pulled and fees will need to be handled. Your builder will bring you up to speed on what you’ll need to be prepared for when building on Marco. Accessory structures will need to be permitted, such as:

  • Detached garages

  • Screened-in cages and lanais

  • Fences

  • Pools

  • Boat lifts

So, depending on what “extras” you want to include in your home, you’ll need to decide the proper permits and fees that go along with them.

Your Marco Island Builder

Since there are so many details to consider when building on Marco Island, it’s best to find a builder who has experience with building on the Island. This makes it much easier when dealing with permitting issues and other Marco Island-specific regulations. Having a builder on your team who builds on Marco gives you peace of mind, knowing that all of the details are taken care of correctly.

Your Marco Island Home

There’s no doubt about it…Marco Island is pure paradise. From the stunning views to the tranquil waters, this quaint community emanates island leisure. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your very own piece of paradise on Marco Island.

The team at Gulfstream Homes is proud to build on Marco Island and is ready to get started on your project! Call (239) 254-1664 or visit to learn more.

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