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As you contemplate the island lifestyle, you may have a few questions about what residing in paradise entails. Will you tire of all the sunshine and balmy breezes? Will there be enough activities to partake in for you and your family? What about neighborhoods, schools, entertainment and more? There may be many questions that are floating through your mind, and when it comes to life on the Island, we know all about it! Let us help you by answering some of the top questions about living on Marco Island.

Q. What Is Marco Island, Florida Known For?

A. In addition to some of the best sunsets on the planet, Marco Island is also known for its idyllic white sand beaches and spectacular shelling opportunities. Tranquil waters and a relaxed atmosphere unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before greet you upon crossing over the bridge. You’ll also find some of the most impressive golf courses in the country, plus plenty of natural scenery to take in on a daily basis.

Q. Is Marco Island, Florida Crowded?

A. Despite the fact that many people are relocating to Florida, Marco Island remains peaceful and serene for much of the year. With its close proximity to nearby Naples and Fort Myers, there are plenty of places for residents and visitors to explore, allowing the Island to emanate a peaceful presence virtually all year long.

Q. Is Marco Island Good for Families?

A. You’ll find that not only does Marco Island have some of the top-ranking schools in the state, there are also many activities for the whole family to enjoy, including:

That is why so many families from all over have decided to put down roots on this beautiful island.

Q. Is Marco Island, Florida Safe?

A. Not only is Marco Island safer than many areas of the country, it also has a lower crime rate than 86% of the communities in Florida. This makes it the ideal location for families, retirees and vacationers because you’ll be able to enjoy the fabulous sights without worry.

Q. What Is There to Do on Marco Island?

A. From the beaches to the easy-to-navigate streets, Marco Island is filled with activities for everyone. Shops and boutiques line the streets, while top-quality restaurants cater to virtually every palate. Museums and other learning opportunities, plus a variety of ways to experience nature can also be found, as well as nightlife, entertainment and so much more.

Q. How Is the Marco Island Housing Market?

A. Homes on Marco Island are absolutely breathtaking, which makes this area a popular spot for many full-time and seasonal residents. The market is competitive; however, with more contractors building more homes in the area, the inventory is improving. This allows more people to settle here in paradise, able to find their ideal homes in a safe and welcoming neighborhood.

Life on Marco Island

Now that we’ve answered some of your questions, are you ready to live the ultimate island lifestyle? Not only is Marco Island incredibly safe, its temperate climate and tranquil setting make it the perfect spot to enjoy life in Southwest Florida. So, if you’re thinking about making Marco Island your home, remember how extraordinary this area is, and it keeps getting better each and every day.


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