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Florida has amazing weather year-round. Averaging 230 days of sunshine though can also bring challenges when it comes to selecting home building materials like flooring. Fortunately, Gulfstream Homes has solutions for homeowners in Florida. 

Traditional materials might not withstand these conditions, so what flooring is good for building a home in Florida? There are a variety of materials that will withstand the Florida climate.  

Florida’s Unique Flooring Needs  

The Sunshine State has mainly subtropical climates, but the southern part is considered tropical. Because it is a peninsula, the surrounding water makes it hot and humid most of the year.  

The weather is a significant draw for visitors and residents, but extreme weather conditions impact your home’s flooring. Materials used in new home construction must be durable enough to handle these harsh conditions.  

What Flooring Is Good for Building a Home in Florida?  

Choosing long-lasting flooring for your home is essential. Most homeowners can find something they like within these options.  

Engineered Hardwood  

Solid hardwood flooring is a top choice among many homeowners. Unfortunately, it does not survive in the Florida weather well. Engineered hardwood is a good replacement that is ideal for humid conditions.  

Engineered hardwood is a manufactured board made of several layers of recycled wood. Typically, these boards have five to seven layers. The top layer is a more durable wood often made from:  

  • Hickory 
  • Maple  
  • Oak 

Engineered hardwood contains acrylic materials that make it stronger than hardwood. The additional layers add moisture protection.    

Luxury Vinyl Flooring  

There are many advantages to choosing vinyl flooring for your home. It can resemble the appearance of natural wood but doesn’t absorb moisture as quickly.  

This feature makes it the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms in humid climates. You have many design options, so you do not have to compromise your style.  

Natural Stone Flooring  

Natural stone flooring includes materials such as slate, marble and travertine. Each piece of natural stone is unique and can bring a natural element to a space.  

Since natural stone tends to be porous, Gulfstream Homes can help you select the right natural stone for your space to ensure it lasts a lifetime. There are many eco-friendly pieces available and selecting locally acquired stone can cut down on the environmental impact of transport. 

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile  

One of the most popular choices is ceramic and porcelain tile. Both materials are also manmade. They are fired at high temperatures to reduce the water level and give the material its shape.  

Because it is made at high temperatures, it is stronger than other materials. It is less likely to need frequent replacement.  

These water-resistant materials are often used in laundry rooms, restrooms, and kitchens. You can add your personal touch to your home because tiles come in various colors, styles, and finishes.   

Choose from a Vast Selection of Flooring Materials  

You don’t have to let Florida’s hot and humid temperature ruin your floor. If you have questions about what flooring is good for building a home in Florida, contact Gulfstream Homes.  

We have been building homes across Southwest Florida since 1998. Our experienced team will help you choose the best products for your home.