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Years ago, flooring was pretty cut and dry. Linoleum in the kitchen, carpet in the living areas and bedrooms and tile in the bathrooms were fairly commonplace in many homes. But now, flooring design has undergone a transformation. A variety of textures, styles, colors and types of flooring have entered the game where creativity reigns. When it comes to some of the most popular flooring trends for the home, you’ve now got options…and some of them are pretty unique. Here’s your guide to the latest home flooring trends. Get ready to be impressed…

The Distressed Look

More homes are incorporating a more rustic feel and flooring is becoming a focal point for many spaces in the home. Distressed and reclaimed wood are becoming highly sough-after materials, as well as distressed concrete tile. With wood tile looking virtually the same as real wood, homeowners and designers in Southwest Florida are able to give their homes that distressed look with a durable product. Having a slightly ‘worn-in’ finish, distressed flooring gives the home a historic feel.

Blanched flooring is also a top trend these days. Along the lines of the distressed look, bleached or blanched flooring gives the home a ‘white-washed’ look that works with the modern feel of many designs today.

Patterned Layouts

Instead of installing wood or tiles in a straight line, interior designers and homeowners are opting for fun patterns. Chevron and Herringbone patterns are two of the top designs for rooms like:

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Living areas

  • Laundry rooms

These patterns are the perfect way to create a unique look in your space without being too cluttered or loud. Homeowners are able to embrace a more creative side, while matching the contemporary look that is in high-demand, mostly due to the clean lines and neutral tones.

Colors & Shapes

Another big trend in home flooring comes in the form of strong colors and shapes. Geometric shapes are making their way to the forefront of home flooring design. Big shapes in black and white hues are commonly found in larger rooms, like the living area or smaller spaces, like the powder bath or laundry room. Not only does the black and white color scheme match the neutral palette of modern homes, it creates a vintage vibe in the space that complements the designs that we are seeing more and more of in recent years.

Stone Components

The marbleized look is making its way into virtually every facet of home design. From decorative trinkets to counter tops and flooring, the marble look is in. A stone floor with a marble finish evokes classic, chic style and is at the top of the list for many designers and homeowners looking to add that look of luxury to the space. Although marble itself tends to be on the more expensive side, there are other more affordable options, by way of ceramic tile and vinyl options with a marbleized finish.

Home Flooring Trends

When you envision your home, your flooring has the opportunity to add an element of design to your space. Choose flooring that not only complements your home, but also works with where you live. For instance, being that we get a lot of rain here in Southwest Florida, it’s best to stick with tile or stone flooring, as they are more durable options. Design the perfect floor for your home and remember these top trends that are dominating the industry today.

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