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When someone mentions wallpaper, many homeowners cringe at the mere thought of it. Some view it as outdated, while others say it’s just unsightly, but more and more designers are implementing wallpaper into the homes that they are designing. Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or renovating an existing home, wallpaper may just be an element that you consider for your space. It’s time to embrace this new wave of wallpaper design with open arms, because wallpaper is back! Here are our top wallpaper design tips for your home. Don’t worry, you may be pleasantly surprised at how amazing your space is about to look!

Statement Walls

Perhaps covering every square inch of your new home isn’t the best idea (have you ever tried to remove old wallpaper?!), but starting out with a statement wall can make a big difference in the space. The days of covering every single wall in the home with unsightly wallpaper are over. Modern wallpaper design is here and it appears that it’s sticking around. Statement walls work well in a variety of places, such as living areas and dining rooms. Other areas that work well with wallpaper statement walls include:

  • Powder baths

  • Poolhouses

  • Kitchenettes

  • Laundry rooms

  • Bedroom ceilings

The key to getting your home in tune with modern design is to choose wisely when it comes to which walls will become statement walls. Less is more in modern design, but a pop of excitement in the room can transform the space.

Complement the Space

If your home has a coastal contemporary vibe then your wallpaper will need to as well. Don’t fall into the trap of attempting to make too big of a statement with your wallpaper design that you choose the wrong fit for your space. Your home will need to carry a balance throughout, so that the design makes sense no matter where you are in the home. Don’t go too bold in a neutral space and too safe in a bold space. The wallpaper must complement the design of the room that it’s going in. So, no matter if you’re starting from scratch or revamping the space, you’ll need to keep this in mind in your decorating efforts.

Texture & Design

Don’t be afraid to add an element of subtle texture with your wallpaper. Wallpaper with slight texture creates depth and a comfortable feel in the room. A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is antique wallpaper. Antique wallpaper creates an air of luxury and adds a historical feel to the space, but beware…it’s not for everyone. If your home has more of a modern glam look, antique wallpaper will clash. This trend works best with traditional and rustic designs.

There are also ways to design your own wallpaper exclusively for your home. Homeowners are now choosing to work with designers on creating custom wallpaper, so that the design of their home is exactly as they imagined it.

Embracing New Design Trends

Design trends are coming and going every day, but staying in line with what’s working in many new homes and remodels is key to ensuring that your design choices will last. When it comes to wallpaper, we say out with the old and in with the new. New design, new textures, new ideas…that’s what makes designing a new home fun and interesting!

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