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Marco Island is a little slice of paradise and a fantastic place to live. But many homeowners who move to the area make the mistake of thinking, “There’s no reason to worry about landscaping my yard in Marco Island.”

However, landscaping is an essential part of maintaining any property, especially for Marco Island residents. There are several reasons why this project that some consider to be optional is actually a necessity.

Increases Curb Appeal and Property Value

A well-maintained yard adorned with trees, shrubs, and flowers can dramatically improve your house’s curb appeal. This, in turn, increases property value and can help attract prospective buyers when you’re ready to sell. In the meantime, you get to enjoy all the natural beauty that you have added to your yard.

Vibrant pink bougainvillea flowers in Florida

Helps Minimize Soil Erosion

Landscaping is not only important for aesthetics, but it’s also important for the environment. Soil erosion is a common concern in Marco Island. But proper landscaping can help anchor topsoil in place and minimize this problem.

Soil erosion occurs when wind and water slowly chip away at the topsoil. The topsoil is the most important layer of soil because it is the most fertile. Once it’s gone, grass and plants cannot grow as well, and your lawn can become more sparse.

Fortunately, proper landscaping will encourage your grass and plants to grow strong and healthy roots that will anchor the topsoil in place.

Improves Runoff and Drainage

Landscaping is also important for ensuring proper drainage during storms. When it rains, it’s important that the water flows away from your house rather than accumulating at the foundation. Water accumulation around the foundation can cause serious water damage to your home. It also creates the perfect environment for mold to flourish.

Strategic landscaping will ensure that water has a clear path to drain away from your property.

Encourages Biodiversity

Planting native trees, grass, flowers, and plants are a great way to support your local pollinators and encourage biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to the number of different species in a given area and is a good indicator of an ecosystem’s overall health. The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more resilient it is.

Make sure to select plants that are native to Florida, such as:

  • Yucca
  • Firebush
  • Beach sunflower
  • Columbine

Selecting native plants ensures that they will thrive in the area without disturbing or harming local wildlife.

Provides Shade and Privacy

Landscaping can provide vital areas of shade for your family to cool off and relax while spending time outside. Carefully planned landscaping can also help improve your property’s privacy and give you a greater sense of seclusion and security.

Your Landscape Plan is an Important Part of Your Home Building Plan

Gulfstream Homes customers have the distinct advantage of a robust landscape plan included with every new home built in Marco Island. Sod, irrigation, and strategically placed ornamental plants and trees are part of your landscape allowance, ensuring that your new home has these beautiful finishing touches from day one.

At Gulfstream Homes, we are proud to offer a wide variety of home plans for Marco Island. Give us a call today to learn more.