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Your kitchen serves as a multi-purpose space. Not only is it where you prepare your meals, it’s also a gathering place for your family, an entertaining spot for your guests and a sanctuary for those who love to get creative with their cuisine. Yes, the kitchen certainly serves an important purpose in the home, and as we look to enhance our home more and more these days, making it work perfectly for our needs, the kitchen could use a makeover. The days of mediocre style and dull lighting are over, and it all starts with the backsplash. Trust us, the right backsplash can make a huge difference in this space. Here are our favorite kitchen backsplash trends to amplify your kitchen’s style.

Open Air

We’ve been adding elements of nature into our modern homes for a while now by way of plant life, greenery and more, but this trend just took it one step further. Instead of a traditional tile backsplash, many home builders and designers are choosing to add windows to this space, so that home owners can open them up and let the light shine in while they’re cooking, entertaining or just hanging out. By allowing the elements of the outdoors to flow effortlessly into this space, you not only get a light and bright ambiance, but a feeling of a much larger room as well. If you’re ready to take your kitchen to new levels, this open air feel will get you there.

Go Metallic

Another trend that has been making its way into more homes in recent years are mixed metallic accents, and the backslash is no exception. Adding in a metal backsplash gives the space a more modern, industrial feel that can go along with other elements of the home, such as exposed plumbing in the bathroom and metal fixtures throughout. With metallic backsplashes, you’re able to keep the rest of the kitchen simple, so that your backsplash remains the focal point of the room.

Geometric Shapes

Tile has been a longtime pick for many builders and designers for kitchen backsplashes, mainly because it’s durable, versatile and full of character. Mosaic tile remains a top choice for this area of the home and designers are reinventing the way this trend is evolving by using bright, vibrant colors to make the backsplash the accent piece of the kitchen. Gone are the days of boring white or gray square tile. Say hello to funky geometric shapes all shades of the rainbow to really make an impact on this space.

Other Backsplash Trends

From an industrial feel to a more natural look, there’s a backsplash solution out there for any kitchen. Other popular trends that you can expect to see more of in 2021 include:

  • Natural wood

  • Stone and marble

  • Sheet glass

  • Slate chalk walls

  • Mirror walls

  • Brick

When you’re looking to design a new home or renovate your existing kitchen, these backsplash trends will help you get a little more out of your kitchen space. After all, you do too much in this area of the home for it to be bland and boring. Revitalize your kitchen and start by making your backsplash the center of attention…next to your delicious food, of course!

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